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City's inspiration endless: artist

Tuesday, 14th September, 2010

* Artist Sandra Kranz with her most recent painting of the Mundi Mundi Plains. * Artist Sandra Kranz with her most recent painting of the Mundi Mundi Plains.

After 15 years of travelling to the city, artist Sandra Kranz has still got plenty of local subject matter to paint.

Sandra, a portrait artist from Dunkeld in Victoria, loves this time of year in the city.
She normally stays for four days and paints around the Silverton and city areas.
"I never run out of subject matter ... even if I live to be 100 I'll never run out of subject matter here (in Broken Hill)," she said.
Mrs Kranz's paints plein air, or "as it happens" outdoors rather than taking a photo and painting in a studio.
She said it is a rare type of painter who doesn't use a photo.
"I paint direct on sight," she said.
This year Mrs Krantz chose the Mundi Mundi Plains as her subject.
She was surprised when she found out that the new Australian film Fury Road would be filmed there, and how green the landscape was. But she took it in her stride.
"I didn't know Mad Max was being filmed there ... on Monday, I went and had a look and I just couldn't believe how green it was," she said.
She began painting on Wednesday and it took her about an hour to finish the painting.
"I set up at 4pm ... the sky was very dramatic ... I thought I was recording history with the film crew, wild flowers, the contrast of green and red, the horizon and the spectacular sky," she said.
She said the painting came up "beautifully" but to paint it was a quick job.
"You have to be fairly quick ...you have a window of no more than an hour and a half," Mrs Kranz said.
The painting hasn't been retouched either, Mrs Kranz said "what's done is done".
"My old art teacher used to say it (painting) is only as good as your worst mistake," she said.
Mrs Kranz has spent 30 years painting and owns a gallery called Kranz Art Studio. she is also an art teacher and sells her work online.
But she paints because she loves it.
"My goal in life is to pass down what was passed onto me," Mrs Kranz said.
She is planning to paint the local streetscape next year.
"There are gorgeous buildings here ... I did want to do it last year but Broken Hill had those terrible dust storms," she said.
"There were storms the year before that so I just stuck around the Silverton area."
Mrs Kranz also took time to paint the camels at Silverton. She found them really interesting.
To see Sandra's art work visit kranzartstudio.com.

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