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More power to kids, say Port

Tuesday, 14th February, 2017

Austin Allan and Jagger Mannion having a dob with the Sherrin. Austin Allan and Jagger Mannion having a dob with the Sherrin.

By Emily Roberts

Spinach is what AFL players eat to get big and strong, according to one little fellow at the North Public School.

Players from the Port Power Football Club were in the city yesterday to promote healthy living and respect in Broken Hill and surrounding areas during a Australia Post AFL Community Camp.

Chad Wingard, Matt Lobbe, Jarman Impey and Sam Powell-Pepper visited schools to chat with students, hosted the Auskick Clinic and took part in the Sportsman’s Night Dinner yesterday.

“I still remember as a kid when AFL players would come to my footy club,” Chad Wingard said.

“That was always a massive thrill, so to be able to give something back to the community really is an honour.”

During their time at North Public School, the players spoke with the children and then enjoyed running around with them during recess.

“I think kids have a pretty good idea of what healthy food is, even if they don’t always want to eat it,” Matt Lobbe said.

“I think the most interesting answer was when one of the students said footy players eat spinach to keep them healthy and fit.”

Lobbe said they ran through basic skills at the Auskick Clinic.

“We’ve come to the schools to have a chat and a do a bit of a talk about how we got into the AFL.

“While hosting the Auskick Clinic, we hope to convert some kids to love footy.

“We did some basic skills, but all kids love to take speccies and do some tackling.

“Kids love the chance to tackle you.

“As a player I can remember meeting an AFL player when I was a young kid - that had a huge impact on me.

“I will always remember that. That is why these camps are so important.”

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