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Drink drove ‘devil’

Thursday, 16th March, 2017

By Craig Brealey

A Broken Hill man terrorised an elderly couple in Wentworth by making bizarre threats and driving his car at them in their own home, the District Court heard yesterday.

The man screamed abuse at the 71-year-old man and his wife, and told them he was a “Barkindji warrior” and “the devil” before revving up his car and driving at their pet dog, then reversing and driving at the man. 

Anzac Brian Sullivan (34) said that he was drunk and on drugs at the time of the incident in September last year and could not remember exactly what he had done.

In February this year he was sentenced to 18 months’ jail but lodged an all grounds appeal against three of the nine charges of which he was convicted. 

The appeal was heard yesterday in the District Court and rested on the argument that he was incapable of forming any intent to cause harm because, as Sullivan said, “I was out of my mind”. 

According to evidence given by the couple to a Local Court hearing in Wentworth February, on the afternoon of September 15 he drove into the yard of their home on Old Wentworth road about 2.15pm and asked if they had any fuel. 

A large Australian flag flew at the front of the house and Sullivan told the court he thought he was pulling into a petrol station.

His car drew up next to the woman who asked him what he wanted. This prompted an outburst of abuse in which he claimed to be the devil. The frightened woman went inside to get her husband.

He came out and Sullivan told him he wanted fuel. The man said that he did not have any and Sullivan said: “I am a Barkindji warrior, I own this land, you white .....” 

He then reversed his car up the driveway, revved the engine and drove at the dog, reversed again, drove at the man and stopped “a foot or two” from him.

“I was frightened,” the man told the court hearing. “I really felt my age.”

He said that when Sullivan started screaming at him again, he armed himself with a star picket.

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