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Fashion stakes high

Friday, 17th March, 2017

Sylvy Earl (left) and Greta Kate at the Adelaide Cup. PICTURE: Supplied Sylvy Earl (left) and Greta Kate at the Adelaide Cup. PICTURE: Supplied

By Kara de Groot

The ever popular Fashions on the Field will be making a statement near the Mick Robins stand again this year, with some slight changes.

Preliminary judging will start at 1.30pm on the dot behind the stand, before contestants make their way to the front of the Mick Robins stand to be judged in a variety of categories based on fashion and age.

Fashions on the Field co-ordinator Dana Farcich said the competition is as important as the horse racing for St Pats.

“I love fashion, always have and always will, and I think the majority of women are the same,” Ms Farcich said.

“Some women plan for 12 months what they’re going to wear, it’s taken very seriously, and the judges are always blown away by the style of Broken Hill,” she said.

Ms Farcich said she expects to see autumnal colours such as pinks and yellows make an appearance at the show this year, although classic black and white ensembles should never be dismissed.

“There’s a lot of floral coming through as well, and the lengths of dresses are getting longer,” she said.

“There’s a lot of pencil skirts and off the shoulder dresses being seen, the fashion is quite elegant now, very feminine and flattering.”

With regards to the fascinating millinery phenomenon, Ms Farcich said she thinks crowns might be the next ‘in’ thing.

“We’re seeing a lot of crowns, some of them are quite simple, and again a lot of floral themes there.”

Fashion will be judged by three judges this year, Adelaide-based milliner Sylvy Earl, fashion designer Greta Kate, and the ever popular Steve ‘the Sandman’ Abbott.

Sylvy’s work has been showcased at the Adelaide and Melbourne Fashion Festivals, where she is known for her understated style and careful eye for detail.

For sure she’ll be the one to impress for the Millinery Award this year.

Greta launched her own fashion label in 2010, which now focuses on bridal wear and custom-made pieces.

From her beginning as a girl watching her grandmother sew, Greta says it’s not so much about the clothing as the relationships developed along the journey.

Any locals who’ve had a hand of their own in the creation of their fashionable ensemble will likely draw Greta’s attention.

Former local Steve is back again after judging last year’s Fashions on the Field, providing a pair of less professional eyes for the viewing.

Categories are Junior Colleen and Junior Paddy (1 - 12 years), Miss Teenager (13 - 18 years), Colleen of the Course (19 - 35 years), Paddy of the Course (17 years and over), Most Stylish Lady (36 - 55 years), Most Elegant Lady (56 years and over), Millinery Award (Open) and the Most Complimentary Couple (Open).

Fashion co-ordinator Dana Farcich wanted to clarify that the Most Complimentary Couple award isn’t restricted to couples in a relationship, and is also open to brothers and sisters, cousins, friends, same-sex relationships etc, as long as the couples match!

Ms Farcich welcomes all comers to enter the contest, and said judges would be walking the field to spy out likely contestants.

“I would like to thank all entrants that take part in it and keep the excitement going at St Pat’s, as well as the organisations that support it, especially our main sponsors Atlas Copco and Treasury Winery.”

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