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Final crash

Monday, 20th March, 2017

Darrin Treloar (rider) and Blake Cox win the NSW State Sidecar Title. Trent Headland, with a bandaged hand in the background, came second.  PICTURE: Michael Murphy Darrin Treloar (rider) and Blake Cox win the NSW State Sidecar Title. Trent Headland, with a bandaged hand in the background, came second. PICTURE: Michael Murphy

By Michael Murphy

A spectacular crash marred the NSW Sidecar Titles final at the Broken Hill Speedway on Saturday night, putting a dampener on an otherwise top night of racing before a massive crowd.

Broken Hill’s Rick Howse and Adam Commons had 3500 speedway fans on their feet when they shot out in front at the first turn of the final, building hopes that the state title would be returning to the Silver City in a couple more laps. 

Roxby Down’s Trent Headland and Daz Whetstone were coming second while firm favourites Darrin Treloar and Blake Cox were third, and Shane Hudson and Eli Wright were fourth.

Howse was leading into the second bend when he spun inwards and lost speed, causing the first three riders to jam together, and then Hudson-Wright hit them all from behind with speed.

It all happened in a matter of seconds with bikes and riders taking a ferocious tumble. Treloar was the only rider to remain upright on his bike, though passenger Cox came off during the scrap.

Treloar had an exceptional night winning all heats comfortably, but he had a hiccup at the start of the final. 

“I hit a bad rut (on the track) and the bike went skewwhiff, and we were third for the first half of the lap,” Treloar said.

“Come the bottom corner, I was trying to do the big run to come the inside of them, and Rick spun, and then Trent hit him and come in front of us, and then Shane hit the back of us ...”

Hudson was carted off by the ambulance looking very sore after breaking his wrist.

Howse and Commons were disqualified for causing the crash and the final was restarted with just two riders: Treloar and Headland, who returned to the track with a bandaged hand.

Treloar won the re-run easily, and claimed his 19th NSW title.    

“It’s sad that it happened and it’s not the way that I wanted to win it,” Treloar said afterwards.

“I would rather win it with four bikes in it, I can’t help that, it’s just the way it was.

“It’s taken a bit of the shine out of it.

“I’m sure the crowd was looking forward to a really good final with four blokes, but we ended up with two, or one-and-a half really because Trent had a busted hand.

“It was looking to be a great final ... it could have been anyone’s.”

It’s all hotting up for the champs Treloar and Cox with a month of high-class competition before them. 

“I go to Whyalla and the week after that I go to the Oceania, and the week after that the World Titles, then second week of the Oceania, and then the Aussie titles ... so there’s no easy meetings coming up that’s for sure.”

Treloar’s last visit to the city was about five years ago, and he said he’ll keep coming back.

“I love coming to Broken Hill ... it’s an awesome track,” he said.

“The people here, they just love it, and they do whatever they can to make a good show.

“The entertainment in the clubhouse afterwards is awesome.”

The winners of the junior sidecar event were Jackson Milner and Adam Niesche.

The Demolition Derby lived up to expectations and produced some huge hits during a thunderous 20 minutes of carnage. Local favourite Bob Kemp bowed out early, but his brother Clinton Kemp and another local Ashley Staker were declared the eventual winners. 

BH Speedway secretary Alison Howse said the club was overwhelmed with the success of Saturday night’s event, especially with the crowd of 3500 fans.

“We never in our wildest dreams expected a crowd that large,” said Alison, adding that itís the biggest crowd she’s seen at the track in her 20 years of speedway.

“I think it was the combination of it being a championship sidecar event and the demolition derby together catered for a number of levels,” she said.

She got some great feedback from the riders who loved the track surface because it was “big and fast”, and she praised all the club members that pitched in to make the best event possible.

“I don’t have words for it ... it’s amazing the work put in ... we made a good team.”

Next on the calendar for the club is the beginning of the motocross season on April 23, while the George Baust Memorial car event will be held in May.

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