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Street closed for filming

Friday, 31st March, 2017

The All Nations Hotel on Eyre Street has received a makeover while it’s used as a filming location for the Wake in Fright remake. The All Nations Hotel on Eyre Street has received a makeover while it’s used as a filming location for the Wake in Fright remake.

By Kara de Groot

Filming for the Channel 10 remake of Aussie classic Wake in Fright has begun this week, and for the most part shop owners are pleased.

Businesses including Baldwin Automotive and the All Nations Hotel have already seen their premises weathered and renamed while they were used as film sets, with filming continuing around town.

On Wednesday parts of Patton Street were blocked off while filming took place at the St James Anglicare shop, and yesterday sections of Eyre Street were closed off.

On Saturday Patton Street will be closed between Central and Comstock streets, and South Street between Hebbard Street and Wilson Street will be closed for 12 hours from 8am.

Some shop owners on Patton Street have said that, while they’re glad Broken Hill will be represented nationally, they’re concerned about how closing off Patton Street on Saturday will affect their business.

Dianne Remmert owns a giftware shop on Patton Street, and said the removal of Patton Street parking on Saturday would make it difficult for her and other small business owners.

“It’s a shame for the smaller shops, I’m a new shop and it’s only by word of mouth or when people go past that they see me,” Mrs Remmert said.

“I’ve heard some of the shops have put in with the film company to be compensated for the business they’ll lose on Saturday, but it’s really not fair if they compensate one but not the others,” she said.

“I wasn’t actually told, I was only told by Wayne next door that we were getting blocked off.”

A media spokesperson for the company said all businesses were contacted by the locations department, as well as via a letterbox drop to residents regarding the road closures.

Other Patton Street businesses said they didn’t have any issues with the filming.

“When they were filming near the second hand shop lots of business came in because all the people working on it came in and got drinks and snacks to eat,” said Bells Milk Bar employee Rhianna Pascoe. 

“A lot of people came down to have a look at it (the filming) as well and got some things to eat, drinks, which was good as well, it brought a lot of business in,” she said.

She said Bell’s hadn’t experienced any problems due to road closures.

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