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Big can replaces bottle

Saturday, 1st April, 2017

The large XXXX bottle on top of a pub in the original Wake In Fright movie. The large XXXX bottle on top of a pub in the original Wake In Fright movie.

By Gary Bond

The TV crew currently remaking the 1971 film Wake in Fright are shipping a gigantic beer can into the city this morning.

A special semi-trailer is leaving Adelaide in the early hours carrying the 12m-high Castlemaine XXXX can.

The super-sized tinnie will be unloaded temporarily in Patton Park while workers build a frame to mount it on top of a local hotel.

“The can will appear in several scenes in the remake as it did in the original,” a spokesman for the crew said yesterday.

The prop in the movie was actually a large bottle, not a can. Producers opted for the aluminum container because it cost less to make.

“The can will be navigating through the streets tomorrow morning and we ask beer-lovers to please keep their distance, especially around the areas where we have blocked off roads,” he said.

“It’s not full of beer, but it will be quite a sight.”

The spokesman hinted the can may be donated to the city after they have finished filming, though he said it may have a big dent in it.

“We’re putting it on top of a disused hotel and, I don’t want to give too much away, but in one scene a fully-blown green Torana will fly over the top of the pub and sideswipe the can in a Mad Max-esque type stunt,” he said.

“So the can may be a bit worse for wear, but we reckon it would be a great piece of memorabilia for the city, much in the same vein as the Priscilla Queen of the Desert bus.

“We do have a back-up plan if the city does not want it; we can always crush it up and take it to Channings Bottle Yard.”

Graham Rafferty is the great nephew of Broken Hill-born actor Chips Rafferty, who starred in the original movie.

Graham, who is better know as “Small Chips”, lives in McGowan Street and believes the can would look great mounted in Patton Park permanently. 

“It could be Broken Hill’s answer to the big banana,” Small Chips said yesterday.

“I mean, what would you rather look at, a big banana or a big can of beer?”

He said during special occasions in the park a tap could be installed on the side of the can, leading to an ice box and kegs of beer - “real beer not that XXXX crap”.

“Nothing would be finer than sipping a middie in Patton Park, marvelling at our big beer can on a sunny Sunday afternoon.”

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