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Try it, you’ll love it

Friday, 14th April, 2017

Alma soccer player Emma Reeves. Reeves is also Alma’s secretary and is on the BHSA board. PICTURE: Tyler Hannigan Alma soccer player Emma Reeves. Reeves is also Alma’s secretary and is on the BHSA board. PICTURE: Tyler Hannigan

By Tyler Hannigan

Alma women’s soccer player and board member has made a call to all those interested in the game to come along and give it a go.

Soccer has enjoyed a massive boom in the past 15 years in Australia with Business Insider reporting a 46 per cent jump in regular participants from 428,000 in 2001 to 623,000 last year. 

This is in comparison to golf which dropped 24 per cent, tennis which dropped 35 per cent and rugby union that suffered a huge drop of 63 per cent.

Reeves said they have players that play a number of different sports but soccer offers something different.

“We have a lot of people that play a multitude of sports,” she said.

“But it (soccer) is a completely different game. It’s more structured.

“And with the juniors, because there aren’t as many players on the field, the kids get a few more touches on the ball compared to other sports. The fields are smaller and there are four to six kids on the field and they’re all really involved.

“We put trust in our game. We love it and hope that other people will too once they give it a try.”

Despite soccer growing across the country, Reeves said that numbers across the Broken Hill association are presently down, particularly in the juniors where Alma are struggling for numbers in the under 6s, 7s and 10s.

“It seems to be a thing that’s happening with all the clubs,” Reeves said.

“I think some people might have been put off a couple years ago when we had the split (competition) but it’s definitely all back and running now. We’ve all got our interests where they should be.

“So we’re really just trying to get those people back that might have been put off of the game in the past.

“While we’d really like more juniors, we really just want to invite anyone that’s interested to come out and give it a go.”

Emma herself started playing the game in 2012 after some consistent pestering from a friend but said that the women’s game in Broken Hill suffers from a lack of depth.

“In a small town like this, one of the problems with women’s soccer is that there arenít enough women that want to play and so there aren’t enough grades,” she said.

“So you’re throwing people who are competitive and want to win against people who are just there to have fun which isn’t the best.

“We did lose a couple of new players who were testing it out for that reason as they weren’t really ready for that level. 

“If we could get enough players, there would be an option to do a seven-a-side, small field social competition with the women who are there to learn the game and don’t want to play in the more serious stuff to bridge the gap. 

“But there would need to be enough players from all of the clubs interested in doing that for it to happen.”

Whilst she stars for Alma on the field, Reeves is also a hard worker behind the scenes as the Secretary for the club as well as being the Broken Hill Soccer Association’s (BHSA) registrar. 

“Everybody does the best that they can,” Reeves said.

“And soccer in particular has this group of really committed people. Everyone is doing their best to make it (the competition) better.

“I love doing it but we’re always looking for more help. 

“I think everyone that is on the association’s board is also on their own club’s board so you can just imagine how much work that is.

“And as the saying goes many hands make light work so if they had more time to do their jobs everything would run better as sometimes things do get left behind because people have other priorities.”

Alma has also been strengthened by the addition of several new sponsors.

“We can’t thank our sponsors enough, especially the new ones that have come on board,” Reeves added.

“Whether it’s with vouchers or funds the support is so valuable to keeping our club going and ensuring that players don’t have to pay extravagant fees.”

Anyone wishing to play for Alma should contact Reeves on 0409 549 259 for more information.

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