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Headspace available now

Thursday, 25th May, 2017

Young people and their families and friends are being encouraged to access the interim service while the headspace building is being renovated.

Headspace youth mental health support is up and running in Broken Hill as the countdown to a formal launch of the operational centre enters its final stages.

It was announced during the week that building works are underway at 231 Blende Street.

In the meantime consortium members behind the local headspace initiative have worked collaboratively to introduce interim services.

Broken Hill Flourish Australia Manager Rynnette Gentle said locals were welcome to attend the service.

“It’s not just about youth access, family, friends and any community members who have concerns can come and see us,” she said.

“If people would like to join the youth reference group they can also contact us.”

Ms Gentle said the interim site will be available for the short-term while the headspace building is being fitted out.

“This is a safe space for young people to come; people can also drop in and find out what it is all about.”

The interim services include youth mental health assessments and support, alcohol and drug support, vocation and education services as well as external referrals to other local services to help young people on their mental health recovery journey.

The interim headspace services will start in coming days, operating from the office of Flourish Australia - the Far West NSW headspace lead agency - at 142 Argent Street.

The interim services are about engaging with young local people at the earliest opportunity, ahead of full-scale services that will follow with the opening of the Blende Street centre.

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