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Rifle hunt

Friday, 26th May, 2017

By Andrew Robertson

Police have “grave concerns” they were unable to locate a rifle that a man was allegedly brandishing in a photo that he sent to a former partner he was threatening.

Officers found Chevy Brady hiding when they raided a house in Harris Street on Wednesday afternoon but they failed to find any trace of the firearm, the Local Court heard yesterday.

However Brady, 24, still faces a charge of possessing an unauthorised firearm with the court hearing police intended to use the photo he had sent in a text as evidence, along with cartridges they’d found during the search.

The court heard police would also use ballistics experts to confirm the link between the cartridges and the rifle in the photos, along with witness accounts of a gun being discharged.  

The fact the firearm had not been located was “of grave concern to police”, the court was told.

However Brady’s lawyer, Eric Craney, said Wednesday’s raid was the third time police had executed a search warrant on the house and the third time they had failed to find any firearm.

He said the image police were relying on had been “photo-shopped” and Brady did not possess any such a weapon.

“He simply knows nothing about this matter.”

Brady has also been charged with drug and serious domestic violence offices against two female partners, including the woman who allegedly received the threatening text photo.  

It’s alleged he also assaulted a 19-year-old pregnant woman on the day he was arrested and made a number of threats before smashing a television and damaging her car.

Brady was yesterday refused bail and will next appear on July 11.

During the search police also discovered two protected native lizards in the premises which were seized by a wildlife organisation RRANA, along with an amount of prohibited drugs. 

Police also arrested a 27-year-old woman at the house and charged her with hindering police.

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