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Pro Hart tribute misses cut

Friday, 30th June, 2017

John Dynon at his easel in his gallery at Silverton. John Dynon at his easel in his gallery at Silverton.

By Kara de Groot

Local artist John Dynon has had his entry knocked back from a competition held in the late Pro Hart’s name, and he said he doesn’t know why.

The Pro Hart Outback Art Prize is an annual competition which invites artists from around the world to submit art which reflects on the outback, with the winning piece purchased by the gallery and the artist receiving a $15,000 cash prize.

John Dynon spent three months painting a piece as a tribute to his friend, the late Pro Hart, but it was rejected.

“My work was about the outback, it’s looking out of Pro’s studio, based in the outback, and it’s looking out on the mines and the bush,” Mr Dynon said.

“Pro’s part of the outback, and he’s part of the arts of the outback, he’s an artist of the outback, so I wasn’t happy about it,” he said.

“I had to get permission from Pro’s wife to do it, she helped me with it and gave me paint tubes and brushes of Pro’s and I actually stuck them onto the painting and it ended up looking 3D.

“It was a tribute to Pro, and that’s what I called it.”

Mr Dynon said this was the first time he had entered an art competition, although he has judged quite a few himself.

He said he’s been painting and exhibiting for more than 40 years, and he doesn’t understand why his work was rejected when more than 260 other pieces were accepted.

“I hadn’t entered a competition before now because I didn’t agree with how they judge things, but I thought this one’s different, it’s my own town, they’ll accept it,” Mr Dynon said.

“I bet you’ll see things that have been accepted that won’t even look like the outback,” he said.

“They did this to Pro himself. Places wouldn’t accept his work and he was one of the leading artists in Australia.

“I won’t ever enter a competition again.”

The winners of the Pro Hart Outback Art Prize will be announced at 6pm today at the Regional Art Gallery.

City Council was contacted for comment.

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