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Vandals keep busy

Wednesday, 22nd September, 2010

Vandals keep busy. Vandals keep busy.

Nejaim Steel was targeted by vandals over the weekend. Some time between 4pm Saturday and 11am Sunday, the front window of Iodide Street business wassmashed in an attempt to gain entry, police said. 

Police said the damage bill was reported at $4,500. It was the second time the window had been smashed. The business was also targeted over the weekend of September 10 to 13.

* * *

Windows have been smashed at the North Public School. Police said a window in building A was smashed between 3pm Tuesday, September 15, and 8am on Wednesday, September 15. A window in building F was also smashed between 3pm on Thursday, August 26, and 7am on Friday, August 27. 

* * *

The driver of a car who had parked in Wolfram Street for 15 minutes returned to find the vehicle smashed. The owner of the vehicle left it parked outside BH High School between 8.45am and 9am on Monday but when they returned they found it had been smashed into/damaged by another vehicle which had driven off, police said.

* * *

A bug protector was stolen from a motor vehicle on Monday. Police said the vehicle was locked and secured at the time.

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