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Civic Centre audit

Monday, 4th September, 2017

Redevelopment at the Civic Centre earlier this year Redevelopment at the Civic Centre earlier this year

By Emily Roberts

The development of the Civic Centre has been bunny-hopping along but Council is aiming to cross a few more issues off the list.

The many developmental issues that have plagued the centre’s renovations were topped off when it was announced Council didn’t have all the relevant approvals.

The Civic Centre has been shut since the middle of the year and Council has been trying to ensure it is up to scratch.

At last week’s monthly Council meeting, councillors discussed, in the confidential matters, the legal review briefing of the centre and the refurbishment contract probity audit review.

While the first issue could not be discussed publicly, General Manager James Roncon was able to speak about a few of the developments from the probity audit.

“With the probity audit, there was suggestions raised around the whole engagement with Telstra as far as the Civic Centre goes,” Mr Roncon said.

“What we were really keen to do, as far as being open and transparent goes, was to make sure that any thought there may have been about an audit process wasn’t valid.

“We wanted to make sure we addressed that, so getting a probity audit was a great way to do that, and make sure we get an independent person to come in and review the process.

“It’s onwards and upwards from here.

“There will be a further report come back in December.”

Mr Roncon said the audit has resulted in ensuring the audio visual will be quality technology.

“What you will have is a Civic Centre, when we do get it open finally, that is state of the art in audio visual and technology,” he said.

“That is the most important thing, in terms of being a conference centre, that people can come to from all parts of the Australia.

“They can feel like they have never left the city in terms of the appearance of the centre but the technology we are offering with it will be really important.

“A lot of it will be around the processes.”

There was no firm date for the reopening of the centre, Mr Roncon said.

“One of the major things we missed with the scoping back in 2015 for the centre was a new fire warning system.

“That is being commissioned and we expected that late July/early August, but there was some delays in the production of that.

“That was actually made and shipped from New Zealand. We understand that it is on its way now and by mid-September that will probably be in.

“Then we’re just working through some safety issues.

“Then at the end of the day, the builder can hand over a site that is fit for purpose and give Broken Hill a functional conference centre.”

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