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Police to clamp down on rowdy parties

Monday, 27th September, 2010

A rowdy party in Crystal Street ended prematurely on Saturday night when police closed it down, but not before several assaults, between $2,000 and $3,000 damage to a hall, several cases of malicious damage and offensive behaviour.

The disorderly behaviour didn’t end with the party however, with police receiving reports of a number of assaults in the central business district afterwards.

During the night a window in a nearby business was broken, a youth ran down the street in nothing but his underwear, and there were concerns that partygoers, who numbered up to 150, were spilling onto the street and could be run down in the traffic.

The damage to the hall and surrounds where the party was held was reportedly a result of a “complete disregard for other people’s property”. In the end police charged several with offensive conduct and offensive language, including one case of urinating in the street.

Police said yesterday that they were very disappointed that the young people involved could behave so badly, and warned that if it was an example of the mayhem the community could expect with the start of the party season, then there would be strict controls enforced.

While the birthday/ football grand final party had been registered with police, Detective Miroslav Petkovic said there was no security and no responsible adult supervision.

The result was that police had to attend the party a number of times because of alleged assaults. They spoke to a number of under 18 year-olds, as well as several in their mid-20s.

While Det Petkovic emphasised that police were not party-poopers, he said that the community should not be expected to tolerate such behaviour and neither would the police.

He said organisers had a responsibility to make sure that the party was secure and that it was conducted in a safe manner, and the organisers have been spoken about this.

“This party has set the bar for the season and ultimately the organisers would be held responsible,” Det Petkovic said. He said parents should also be aware of what their children are up to. “It was evident that some parents who picked up their children from the party weren’t impressed by what had gone on.”

Considering the number of young people on the busy Crystal Street thoroughfare, Det Petkovic said it was lucky there had not been a serious accident. The party was the only dampener on football grand final celebrations across the city.

Police had no reports of trouble at any of the city’s licenced premises. 

* * *

In Wilcannia an allegedly violent domestic assault escalated to a stage where two police officers feared for their safety when they were surrounded by between 15 and 20 intoxicated and aggressive people.

At about 8.30pm on Saturday night police were called to assist a 30- year-old woman who had allegedly been assaulted by her 28-year-old partner. They said that after leaving a party where the pair had been drinking, the woman was punched in the head by the man.

They said when the woman fell to the ground the accused man dragged her by the hair and continued to kick and punch her.

The woman broke free and called police, who arrived to see a man run off into the bush. After police assisted the woman the man came out of the bushes and said: “I’m here take me away”. However, the man continued to yell and scream and the victim again feared for her safety and ran off and hid in the bush with her child.

It was then that a crowd of people from the party, hearing the commotion, came to the area and behaved in an aggressive and agitated manner towards police.

Fearing further assaults, police handcuffed the accused man. But he resisted police and continued screaming even after he was placed in the police van, where he damaged an interior cage and broke a side window in the vehicle. 

The man was charged with assaulting police, intimidating police, with breaching an apprehended violence order, and with assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

He was refused bail at a special sitting yesterday morning and will appear in the Local Court here today. Investigations will be conducted into the behaviour of those who approached police during the arrest and further arrests are anticipated.

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