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Water projects near complete

Monday, 27th September, 2010

Major components of the North Family Play Centre Park Water Quality Improvement Project have been completed. Major components of the North Family Play Centre Park Water Quality Improvement Project have been completed.

Two major City Council projects are nearing completion. While the projects involved the control of stormwater, they both suffered some delays because of recent wet weather.

City Council’s Manager of Infrastructure Paul DeLisio said the Water Quality Improvement Project near the North Family Play Centre took longer than anticipatedbecause of the weather, but was now complete. 

The stormwater flowing through the site is now being treated, Mr DeLisio said on Friday. Kerb and gutter, and road works along Fisher Lane are now complete, and the project will be finalised with the completion of “rock scour protection” and the planting of a “bio-retention” zone.

The cost of the project was $1.4 million, about $1.29 million of which was funded by the Lower Murray-Darling Catchment Management Authority.

Mr DeLisio said the concept differed to the Mercury Street basin, although both included detention basins. “Stormwater is detained for a length of time ... the outflow will be on the corner of Murton and Brooks Streets,” he said.

“There won’t be a surge of water ... the purpose is to improve the quality of stormwater.” Stormwater will run through sedimentation before running into the detention basin and then through a gross pollutant trap.

The trap will take out rubbish, litter and plants. The water will then continue through to the bio-retention zone, which will improve the quality of the water. After that water will be held in “storage modules” and be reused.

After being officially opened in July, the Gasworks Reserve Detention Basin will see work continuing to complete a pedestrian bridge across the Mercury Streetoutfall. Mr DeLisio said despite this, the project was “basically” complete.

A permanent fence has been placed around the perimetre of the Gasworks Reserve and another fence encloses the higher portion of the basin. Mr DeLisio said both projects had primarily used Council resources. 

“The North Family Play Centre project had technical aspects which were challenging, but it was pleasing to see that Council has been able to do that work,” he said.

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