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Fun in the sun

Monday, 27th September, 2010

Ida Gaulke (8) from Melbourne enjoyed the warm weather starting in a fun way. Ida Gaulke (8) from Melbourne enjoyed the warm weather starting in a fun way.

The city got a long awaited taste of the warm spring weather at the weekend with an ideal start to the school holidays.

And while the forecast is for a cool change mid-week, temperatures are expected to climb again by the weekend. By Friday the temperature is expected to hit 30 egrees by Saturday.

Patton Street weather man Phil Mew said the city could expect a 32 over the Labour Day long weekend. He said the city hadn’t seen temperatures like this since the start of September. September 1 was a warm day, Mr Mew said.

Prior to that, April had several days when the mercury reached about 30. “It’s quite a long while when you look at it.” We are now one third of the way through spring and Mr Mew says it was not unusual to only now see warm weather.

“We’re in a La Nina cycle. We’ve had good rain this year.” Mr Mew said due to the better than average rain this year, temperatures were low and the soil was very moist.

Among the first to take advantage of the good weather were some of the city’s youngsters. On Friday Centacare and Centrelink held a day for young mothers in the park and they all enjoyed the 24 degree day.

“They thought it was fun and so did the adults,” Centrelink social worker Helen Ferguson said. “Once there’s some sunshine there is a sense of freedom.” 

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