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Wedding a blessed gift

Thursday, 16th November, 2017

Mr and Mrs Solis sign their marriage certificate with the bridesmaid and groomsman beside them Mr and Mrs Solis sign their marriage certificate with the bridesmaid and groomsman beside them

By Kara de Groot

A former Broken Hill woman who moved to Sydney several years ago had a very special wedding on the weekend after the community pulled together around her and her ailing partner.

Megan Solis (nee Capper) is now married to Antony Solis, after being together for 13 years and raising two children together.

Mr Solis was diagnosed with bowel cancer in late 2015 and the family had been too busy managing it to think about a wedding, until charity ‘My Wedding Wish’ informed them they’d be receiving tens of thousands of dollars to give them their special day.

The charity gives weddings to people who have less than five years to live, which sadly seems to be the case for Mr Solis who learned his bowel cancer had progressed to stage four terminal mid last year.

The couple were informed their application to the charity was successful last Monday, and on Saturday the wedding was held at Outlands Hotel, Parramatta, before a crowd of more than 100 friends, family and well-wishers.

Sarah Bugeja is an old friend of Megan’s, and travelled from Broken Hill to Sydney to be her bridesmaid.

She said it was an emotional day for everyone involved.

“It was a big rush to pull everyone together in less than a week. She didn’t expect to get 120 people to a wedding in Sydney but everyone she asked said yes, which was pretty awesome,” Ms Bugeja said.

“It was perfect weather and fun from the moment we started to get ready to when we went back to Megan’s house that night,” she said.

“I’ve never been involved in such an amazing day.”

It was the first My Wedding Wish wedding held in NSW, and reporters from Channel 9 and Channel 7 were there to film to occasion, which Ms Bugeja said was a little off-putting but added to the uniqueness of the day.

She said it was great to see Antony smiling and up and about.

“Megan and Antony were hoping to buy a family home in Sydney but when he got sick the focus shifted to spending time together as a family and being able to afford to live,” Ms Bugeja said.

“Obviously they’ve not had a great time, it’s a sad situation, but for the whole build-up to the wedding and the day itself they were both over the moon, and I’ve spoken to Megan since and she said Antony’s still on a high from everything,” she said.

“For him to think about something else and get out of bed is great, when for the last few years they’ve been focused on his diagnosis.

“For their children as well, Isaac and Mini, it was great to have their family there and to see their cousins and have lots of fun and laughter.”

In the lead-up to the wedding, the soon-to-be Mrs Solis thanked everyone who was helping to make sure their special day could happen.

“I think everyone’s wedding day is incredibly special, and I think ours will be that much sweeter due to the sweat, love and tears of all involved, the heartfelt affection, incredible fun and positivity we’ll receive tomorrow when our lives are usually full of cancer, chemotherapy and routine.”

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