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Playground hit by vandals

Saturday, 16th December, 2017

By Myles Burt

The playground in Sturt Park has been vandalised again, with two sections of retaining wall torn down and flowers and plants stuffed into the barbecue.

City Council’s General Manager, James Roncon, said yesterday such destruction was hard to understand.

“Sturt Park is arguably the main recreation and play area for families and kids, and it’s a shame that the facility is constantly being vandalised,” Mr Roncon said.

“We find it extremely disappointing that ratepayer dollars may have to be spent due to the actions of a small minority in the community.

“In the last 18 months alone we’ve seen small trees broken in half, bins ripped out and overturned, picnic tables and chairs smashed, and on one occasion a dumpster was ripped from its chain and rammed into a rose garden,”

The repeated vandalism has City Council considering installing surveillance cameras in the park.

“We’re extremely keen to see CCTV set up in Sturt Park, and we’ve been trying to access funding streams to cover the purchase and installation,” said Mr Roncon.

Council staff have placed bunting around the damaged areas and have cleaned up the playground.

Yesterday police said they had yet to receive a report about this act of vandalism.

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