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Author’s latest has a hometown flavour

Monday, 18th December, 2017

Former local Leesa Bow before her book signing. The cover of Charming the Outback features a photo from local photographer Jackson Schorn. PICTURE: Emily Roberts Former local Leesa Bow before her book signing. The cover of Charming the Outback features a photo from local photographer Jackson Schorn. PICTURE: Emily Roberts

By Emily Roberts

Since releasing her book based in Broken Hill, former local Leesa Bow has been very busy writing more books and publishing hard copies.

In 2014, Leesa released her first book ‘Winning the Player’ and quickly followed up with her second, ‘Charming the Outback’, which was based in Broken Hill.

The author was in the city yesterday to do a book signing at the local library as well as a meet and greet.

She reached out to budding writers and wanted to help them with their own writing experience.

Since writing, Charming the Outback, Leesa has also published three other books and is working on two more which she hopes to have published by next year.

She has been very busy attending book signings, with one in Brisbane, and was invited to attend the ‘Books by the Bridge’ signing in the Gold Coast next year.

Initially, Charming the Outback was an eBook but publisher Penguin told Leesa they would like to print hard copies of it.

“Soon I will look to promote my books in America,” she said.

“My ebooks have been huge over there, so it’s very exciting.

“When I released ‘Caught Out’ this year, over 80 per cent of my sales were from America and it was a book about cricket and romance.”

Leesa’s books are considered “New Adult” which is a relatively new category within the romance genre.

Charming the Outback was written as a follow on book from ‘Winning the Player’ and is based in Broken Hill.

“One of the secondary characters follows her love to the Hill and encompasses life in a small town, and out on a station. It is still New Adult with a rural theme.”

As well as a romantic genre, Leesa’s books also involve sport which was influenced by her husband.

“I moved to Adelaide in 1989 for my husband, Lynden (who was a Southie), to play football for Glenelg.”

Charming the Outback is about a jaded city girl, Maddy McIntyre, who leaves Adelaide for a new job in the country.

It’s not only a chance at a fresh start. Six months before, the first guy she’d ever loved broke her heart by moving home to Broken Hill. Deep down, Maddy is hoping that living in the same town will give her a chance to prove to Luke that she’s one temptation he can’t resist.

In 2014, Leesa hoped her second novel will provide some exposure for Broken Hill.

“I’ve mentioned a lot of places including the Sculptures, Silverton, Copi Hollow, the Line of Lode.

“I’ve also mentioned a lot about country football and things like the football club balls.”

Charming the Outback took her just eight weeks to write, with the editing process taking a bit more time.

She said when she finished Charming the Outback she told the local library she would do a book signing when it came out in print.

“I’ve moved to Brisbane for my husband’s work and I rang the library and they gladly accepted my offer.”

Leesa said over time writing has gotten easier for her.

“One book I’ve rewritten, but that’s because I started writing it and stopped to write the other three.

“I’ve read it back and realised that trends have changed. So I needed to rework it.”

She said one of the hardest things was marketing her books.

“Publishers want author’s to have their platforms now.

“It’s not just up to them to sell your book. You have to sell yourself and create a branding.”

The eBook platform has been a fantastic outlet for Leesa.

“Attracting the America market via eBook has been amazing.

“They love reading and American authors will release a book every two-three months.

“It’s important to have the eBook availability, it’s not just Amazon.

“Locally, Broken Earth are stocking all my books and the Palace has a copy of Charming the Outback.”

To finish her time in Broken Hill, Leesa had a social signing at The Baylin Hotel last night.

“As Charming the Outback’s hero is a ‘Southie’ I thought it would be good to do it over the hill.

“There’s a bit of that South and North competitive banter in my book.”

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