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Spare a thought for thirsty birds

Thursday, 28th December, 2017

A magpie cools off in the shade with a good drop. A magpie cools off in the shade with a good drop.

By Michael Murphy

While you’re resting under the air-cooler watching the cricket this week, spare a thought for the birds - they’re doing it tough outside and could use a drink.

“Wildlife feel the extremes of heat we experience here in Broken Hill and in fact like us some even die,” said RRANA carer Barb Hands.

“The best thing we can do to help birds is place a consistent source of water in a large shallow bowl in our garden in a shady place. 

“A cement bird bath is ideal.”

For animals like emus or kangaroos who venture into town, a bowl low to the ground is more accessible. Place bowls away from busy roadways, at the rear of your property, and keep them clean and full.

Barb said people should exercise caution if they see wild animals - such as emus and roos - on the street.

“Where possible avoid the animal by taking another road,” she said.

“Do not attempt to herd the animal out of the area or follow it.

“This could easily result in an accident.”

Only call RRANA’s hotline is an animal is sick, injured or orphaned.

Phone: 0429 204 416.

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