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Dog dumped at closed pound found by chance

Saturday, 30th December, 2017

The abandoned dog at the mini pound struggling under the heat and poor conditions. PICTURE: Supplied The abandoned dog at the mini pound struggling under the heat and poor conditions. PICTURE: Supplied

By Myles Burt

A dog was found abandoned and in dire need of care at the mini pound at the rubbish tip on Thursday afternoon.

City Council says that someone broke into the cage, dumped the dog there, scattered some dog biscuits and left.

A local pet owner, who requested not to be named, went out to the enclosure about 2.50pm looking for her missing Husky when she came across the caged dog looking distressed and struggling in the 36 degree heat.

The woman returned about 5.15pm to find the dog still impounded.

She then tried to contact Council’s Animal Control Officer on the number provided on the sign, but found the number was no longer connected to the Council.

The woman was worried whether locals were aware of the procedures of the mini pound, and what had been put in place for abandoned dogs over the Christmas break.

“Obviously it’s holidays, I understand they’ve got their breaks and rangers have their breaks, but what is in place in-between it?”

Broken Hill Vet Dr Guillame Tabateau, who operates the large pound, said that he had not been made aware of the dog in the mini pound when asked by the woman.

He said he was not told by the City Council that the mini pound was to be open over their Christmas break.

A spokesman for Council said that the mini pound was closed over the break “as “usual”, and signs were in place advising people to take dogs to the pound.

He said someone broke into one of the cages, ripped down the sign and left the dog in one of the enclosures.

That person had also scattered food in the enclosure which then attracted ants.

Once notified, Council rangers went to retrieve the dog on Thursday night, but it had been taken home by a local.

Rangers found it yesterday morning and took it to the Broken Hill Pound. City Council said people should not take the dogs from their cages for their own safety.

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