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Tower plans building

Friday, 12th January, 2018

A mock-up of how the proposed mobile tower (circled) will appear as seen looking west from Cummins Street. A mock-up of how the proposed mobile tower (circled) will appear as seen looking west from Cummins Street.

By Kara de Groot

With construction of a new mobile tower set to begin in McCulloch Street in a few weeks, Telstra has resubmitted a proposal for another tower on Rocky Hill.

Telstra had previously submitted a proposal to City Council to build a mobile tower on Rocky Hill, near Essential Water’s water storage tanks, but had to withdraw that application due to an error in the paper work.

Telstra is now in negotiations with Essential Water, which has agreed to have the tower built in a location not required for any future water supply purposes.

This location is on Rocky Hill and is officially known as lot 921, 23 Cummins Street.

“Telstra is in the process of acquiring a site for a mobile base station on Cummins Street,” Telstra Area General Manager Mike Marom said yesterday.

“During the application process an error in the paperwork was identified. We have fixed that error and resubmitted the application.

“As a result, public consultation has been re-opened. We apologise for any confusion this may have caused.”

The proposed tower is a 30-metre tall pole with nine antennae, three remote radio units, an equipment shelter and fencing.

According to the new application to Council, a tower on Rocky Hill will improve mobile coverage, particularly inside buildings, as well as data services, creating a faster network able to handle more users.

Telstra’s projections say the electro-magnetic energy levels at the site will be a total 1.52 per cent of the public exposure limit, as set down by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency.

Mr Marom said the tower won’t be erected until after the McCulloch Street mobile tower is completed, and after all approvals are received.

“As we are still in the acquisition phase of this project we are unable to confirm a date for the start of construction,” Mr Marom said.

“This may not be until next year.”

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