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Faithful friends

Thursday, 18th January, 2018

By Emily Ferguson

RSPCA NSW is a non-government organisation that is almost entirely reliant on the good willed and like-minded members of the community.

Across NSW in the past year, more than 14,000 animals found their “forever homes”.

The local RSPCA is the temporary home to many wonderful dogs that are available for adoption; Xena and Aimee are just two of them.

Xena is an Australian cattle dog cross who has been residing at the Broken Hill RSPCA since September last year.

She is just shy of her first birthday at 11-months-old and still has the energetic nature of a puppy, along with an adventurous and cheeky personality. 

Aimee is a good-natured six-year-old English pointer cross who outlived her previous owner and has been with the RSPCA since October.

She is a playful, active girl who enjoys both giving and receiving love and affection.

“Aimee is an absolute sweetheart,” said Jasmin Algate, a volunteer at the RSPCA.

The RSPCA Shelter provides accommodation, general care and veterinary treatment when necessary to any abandoned, injured, neglected or sick animals. 

A wide range of breeds and personalities reside in the kennels and all of them would make the perfect “forever friend”. They are just waiting patiently for the day a new family comes to take them home.

The RSPCA believes in animals as they make our lives better and remind us what it is like to live humanely.

For more adoption information contact the Broken Hill RSPCA or visit their website, rspcansw.org.au.

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