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Cade’s wish comes true

Monday, 29th January, 2018

Big brother Cade (5) with his younger brothers, twins Caleb Bodeen (left) and Grayson John, the newest members of the Webb family. Big brother Cade (5) with his younger brothers, twins Caleb Bodeen (left) and Grayson John, the newest members of the Webb family.

By Kara de Groot

The Webb family might just believe in the power of wishes now, following the events of the last year.

Travis and Katrina Webb were told they wouldn’t be able to conceive children without IVF after the birth of their first child, Cade.

Mrs Webb said the couple were unable to afford IVF, and were happy with their family of three.

The same couldn’t be said for Cade, who at his fifth birthday party last year made a wish to have twin siblings.

“We just laughed, and Cade said he’d put it out in the universe,” Mrs Webb said.

“Well, two weeks later I was pregnant, and at our six week appointment for the ultrasound they said we’ve got twins,” she said.

“I think I let off every expletive I could think of and I couldn’t stop crying, I was happy, it was great.”

The twins, Grayson and Caleb, were due on January 5, but ended up being born on Friday, December 15 just before 2pm weighing 5 pounds 6 ounces, and 4 pounds 8 ounces respectively.

“The pregnancy was high risk so I had to go to Adelaide, and then they spent their first week in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit because Caleb was pretty crook,” Mrs Webb said.

“They spent about a week there so it was pretty special to be able to hold them both at the same time.

“It was even better to be able to come home and have Christmas with Cade and the twins, we’d been told we probably wouldn’t be able to be released until the New Year, but our amazing midwife Jenny had a chat with the paediatrician and organised for care to be transferred to Broken Hill.”

Even Cade didn’t know his younger brothers had been born until his mum and dad walked in the door on the Saturday just before Christmas.

Because of the high risk pregnancy and Caleb’s illness the couple had kept the news quiet, only telling Cade’s grandmother who said it was very hard keeping the news to herself when everyone was asking.

Mrs Webb said five-year-old Cade’s reaction to the twins’ arrival was priceless.

“He was shouting ‘my twins, they’re here!’, but then he got grumpy because he wanted a little brother and sister and got two brothers instead,” Mrs Webb said.

“He wanted to name them Michael Jackson and Jackie, or Chase and Ryder from the kid’s show Paw Patrol, so when we told him we’d already named them he said well, I won’t be naming them now will I?,” she said.

“They’re not our twins, they’re his twins and I was just carrying them for him.

“Even now I look at them and go wow, we’ve got two more boys in our family, and they’re beautiful, chubby babies. I would never have picked it a year ago that I’d be standing here with twins.”

As for Cade, he’s excited to spend time with his new brothers and play with them when they’re older.

He said they’ll jump on his trampoline and his bed all together and have heaps of fun.

He also said he’d wish for three new siblings at his next birthday, but Mrs Webb put her foot down at that.

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