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Monday, 29th January, 2018

Trucking Grinspoon into the Silver City ... we’d like to see that. Trucking Grinspoon into the Silver City ... we’d like to see that.

By Myles Burt

After posting to Facebook that iconic Australian rock band Grinspoon has been everywhere but Broken Hill from an interview with the Gladstone Observer, the BDT saw a positive response from locals on potentially bringing them to the Hill.

The BDT then spoke with New World Artists’ Owen Orford - the seasoned booking agent for Grinspoon - who has organised gigs for the likes of the Hoodoo Gurus, Hunters & Collectors, Silverchair, Savage Garden and Midnight Oil.

Mr Orford said bands look to events like “Hotter than Hell” and “Groovin the Moo” to extend their reach, however city touring and the lack of regional events limited bands from venturing out. 

“There’s a whole new wave of it (bands) ready to go, they’re just lacking these kind of opportunities in some of the regional areas,” he said.

Mr Orford said he would take bands like Dead Letter Circus through regional areas like Loxton in South Australia on the way to Adelaide, sparking a great reaction from locals.

“It wasn’t a huge town but they showed a real joy and love of that prog music when it was coming through,” he said.

Mr Orford said that Broken Hill was a difficult place to travel to logistically, but he said the Silver City was now on his mind after talking with the BDT.

Local musician Jim Niarros -  the drummer for The Figs - said that Grinspoon would prove very popular if they ventured out to the Far West.

Mr Niarros said his band covered a few of their songs.

“We’d always get a good response for the Grinspoon songs,” he said.

He said Grinspoon in the Silver City would be on par with The Living End gig of 2001, after previous Willyama High student Regan McCully Barker won a Triple J competition to bring them to the Hill.

“They would’ve had close to 5000 people there, easy. It was a huge thing,” he said.

Mr Niarros said that a fair few of iconic bands used to come through the town. 

“Years and years ago, people used to come through town like Cold Chisel, Aussie Crawl, Spy vs Spy, Hunters and Collectors ... you name it.

He said that timing was everything if Grinspoon were to make an appearance in Broken Hill.

Saying that even with Rockfest hosting a great show with Shannon Noll, Daryl Braithwaite and Chocolate Starfish, the December date was a busy time of the year for most.

“You put that same Rockfest in September or October, it’ll be a different Rockfest.”

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