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Magazine splash inspires artwork

Friday, 2nd February, 2018

Artist Andrea Jenkins with her Wabi Sabi Silver City exhibition, which opens tonight. PICTURE: Emily Roberts Artist Andrea Jenkins with her Wabi Sabi Silver City exhibition, which opens tonight. PICTURE: Emily Roberts

By Emily Roberts

Artist Andrea Jenkins developed an exhibition on the city and its surroundings after reading about the city and the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery.

“I read about the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery in a magazine and I kept the thought in my mind,” she told the BDT yesterday.

“I entered into the Pro Hart Outback Art Prize in 2015 and made it through to the final stages.

“I spoke with (former Gallery manager) Cathy Farry about coming back to do an exhibit.

“I came back in April last year to do a residency and stayed for a couple of weeks chatting with locals to get a feel for the town.”

Andrea took lots of photos of the city and began to develop her exhibition.

“I usually do work in Melbourne alley ways,” she said.

“I enjoy finding beauty in things that people might walk passed.

“I love hearing people say ‘I’ve walk passed that 100 times and I’ve never seen it’.”

The exhibition ‘Wabi Sabi Silver City’ is based on the Japanese aesthetic that Andrea recently discovered.

“Wabi Sabi encompasses what my practice revolves around.

“It is difficult to put into words exactly what it is as it is more of an emotion and as such is hard to define. I will do my best.

“Individually, both words mean loneliness and isolation. Wabi - simplicity and quietude and the rustic beauty that is created by nature and man.

“Sabi - Rust and the patina of age.

“I read about it and thought that’s my work.

“It’s about embracing things that are gradually decaying or rusting and letting them be.

“It’s just about enjoying their story.

“I love Broken Hill because a lot of it - is as it is.”

Andrea spent all of last year working hard to develop the exhibition.

“I hope when people come in they recognise the places I’ve captured.”

She hopes to keep going with the process.

“I hope to keep going with it, I really enjoyed the residency and love how Broken Hill people are so proud of where they have come from.

“They all have a little story to tell.”

Andrea’s exhibition along with two others will open tonight at 6pm and everyone is in invited.

The second exhibition is “Outstract” which features abstract works from the BHRAG collection.

The third exhibition is Maggie Hutchings - Feathers, Flight and Song.

This exhibition was inspired by the diverse stories and experiences Australians have in being and becoming Australian.

The idea behind the exhibition was for Maggie to pant people from all backgrounds who made contributions to the areas of Australia sport and social welfare.

Each portrait has a bird symbolising migration, freedom of movement, flight to and from.

Maggie will be selling her works and donating her profits to charities to help other children and give them the same opportunities.

There will also be an artist talk with Andrea, at 2pm tomorrow at the Art Gallery.

WHAT: Exhibition opening night

WHEN: Tonight, from 6pm

WHERE: BH Regional Art Gallery


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