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Barrier beat widens

Monday, 5th February, 2018

Barrier LAC Superintendent Paul Smith is overseeing a restructure of his command. Barrier LAC Superintendent Paul Smith is overseeing a restructure of his command.

By Myles Burt

A new Barrier Police District will cover an extra 200,000 square kilometres when restructure plans are finalised next month.

The current Barrier Local Area Command is undergoing change as the NSW Police Force merges 34 commands across the state into 26 Police Area Districts.

The Barrier LAC stretches from Dareton in the south to Tiboobura in the north, and includes Broken Hill, Wilcannia and Menindee. The new district will also incorporate Euston and Balranald.

Three police inspectors will be assigned across Broken Hill, Dareton and Wilcannia to monitor three specific clusters of the district, with Inspector Yvette Smith the officer in charge of Broken Hill.

Superintendent Paul Smith said the restructure would be finalised by March 25.

“Our restructure is looking at getting the right model for policing right across the state,” Supt. Smith said.

He said the addition of an inspector at Wilcannia would help police to engage communities across the Central Darling and Unincorporated Area, taking in Menindee, White Cliffs, Ivanhoe, and Tibooburra.

He said the new role would be especially beneficial for the people of Wilcannia. 

“Being a person who lives in that area, opposed to Broken Hill, will certainly go a long way to help build relationships,” Supt. Smith said.

He said the new police district would have access to “region enforcement squads” and a “domestic violence high risk offender team” based in Dubbo for the Western Region.

He said this change would improve policing in the Far West, rather than the previous reliance on major external assistance through Sydney-based services.

The new district runs along more of the Victorian border as well as the borders of Queensland and South Australia.

“Obviously criminals don’t recognise the border, and we need to work closely with our counterparts to target crooks no matter where they are,” he said.

Supt. Smith said with the addition of Euston and Balranald, police water operations for the district would extend as far as Tooleybuc on the Murray River.

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