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School defines outlook

Tuesday, 6th February, 2018

Erin Smith, Willyama High School teacher and the designer of the new logo. PICTURE: Emily Ferguson Erin Smith, Willyama High School teacher and the designer of the new logo. PICTURE: Emily Ferguson

By Emily Ferguson

Willyama High School, as of the 2018 school year, will have a new official logo. 

The new logo was designed by Erin Smith, a visual arts and history teacher at Willyama. The design is essentially a re-vamp of the old logo, but with a more contemporary look.

Principal Grant Shepherd said that at Willyama High School “we see ourselves as trailblazers in education.”

Despite the remoteness of the school, new initiatives are regularly taken on long before schools that are further east and the school’s rebranding is evidence of that.

“We wanted our banner statement and logo to be symbolic of what we do and how we operate,” he said. 

The school has slowly transitioned to the new logo by introducing it within 2017.

“It gives a brighter, clearer fresh look to our letterhead, stationary, signage and uniforms,” Mr Shepherd said.

As well as the new logo, the school also has a new banner statement, ‘Connect, Inspire, Excel - Together’ which is simple, meaning it is effective and easy to remember.

“It drives everything we do in our school,” Mr Shepherd said.

“‘Connect’ indicates the strong value we place on building positive relationships across our school community. This facilitates an environment of trust and comfort to ‘inspire’ real teaching and learning. ‘Excel’ is about doing well but the main focus is on improvement in everyone and we do it ‘together’,” he said.

Although Miss Smith was the designer, she had specific criteria to follow for the creation of the logo. These included, keeping the same colours (red and green) of the previous logo, work it into a circle and make it more contemporary.

“Our school is modern and fast-moving as we regularly explore innovative strategies in education and willingly embrace change,” Mr Shepherd said.

“Our logo needed modernising to fit with our image - we are really happy with it.” 

The commencement of the 2018 school year will see the students and staff sporting the new logo on their uniforms for the first time.

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