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Fire Bucket back at Musos

Thursday, 8th February, 2018

The local band Fire Bucket mid-performance. The local band Fire Bucket mid-performance.

By Emily Ferguson

Popular local band, ‘Fire Bucket’ is performing at the Broken Hill Musicians Club this Saturday Night. 

The local band consists of four members, Travis Bow, Greg Hayes, Harry Smith and Brad McLachlan.

The band has been together roughly five years and have been performing and entertaining at community balls and other events throughout this time.

Fire Bucket member Travis Bow said the band does “about 20 gigs a year.” 

Of these 20 performances, the band performs at the Musicians Club around six or seven times throughout the year.

Travis’ favourite part about performing at the Musicians club would be “the atmosphere and the friendly staff”.

Fire Bucket has a diverse range of performance material. The band performs music from country right through to rock and pop. 

The band invites everyone to come down, have a listen and sing along. 

Fire Bucket’s free live music will be begin at 8.30 pm and continue through until 12.30am in the main bar at the Broken Hill Musicians Club.

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