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Southies in licence bid

Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

Club President Scott Sanford outside the South Football Club. PICTURE: Kara de Groot Club President Scott Sanford outside the South Football Club. PICTURE: Kara de Groot

By Kara de Groot

The South Football Club is applying for a seven-day-a-week liquor licence at their club house.

The Club currently holds limited liquor licences, which limits the number of functions it can hold each year and requires proposed function dates to be lodged two weeks before hand.

In their application to Council, the Club said they would not be changing the days and hours they are open and selling alcohol, but the full licence would provide more flexibility to meet the needs of club members.

“We will operate in a very similar manner as we currently do, that is, the SBHFC is open each Sunday from 11am to 5pm and on Saturday evenings during the football season from 5pm to 11,” the application stated.

“We may operate on additional Saturday afternoons/evenings as we wish to make a connection with the South Broken Hill Cricket Club.

Club President Scott Sanford said they’ve worked with local police to address any needs and concerns they may have.

“At the end of the day it’s about us providing a safe culture and atmosphere, we’re a family-oriented club so we want to make sure nothing’s going to change with the potential changing of the licence,” Mr Sanford said.

“We know moving forward we need to be a bit more flexible to the needs of our community, our members, and our club,” he said.

“By no means are we looking to open more, we’re a club run by volunteers, by the community for the community, and we definitely don’t want to operate more, there’s already a number of licensed premises operating in South Broken Hill.”

To support the new licence, the Club plans to install more lighting at the front of the club, “to ensure patrons asked to leave do move outside of the designated area and also to provide a safe location that is well lit”.

The licence, if approved, will allow for drinks to be bought and consumed inside the clubhouse, but not outside.

A preliminary assessment of the Club’s application was begun last week by Council, with a verdict expected in the near future.

Following that decision, Liquor and Gaming NSW will have the final say.

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