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Artist told to hit the bricks

Thursday, 1st March, 2018

The mural behind Nachiappan’s surgery which has now had to stop. PICTURE: Emily Roberts The mural behind Nachiappan’s surgery which has now had to stop. PICTURE: Emily Roberts

By Emily Roberts

A local artist has reportedly been told to cover up his work after not applying for a development application through Council.

At last night’s Council meeting it was revealed there had been trouble with the mural going up behind Nachiappan’s Surgery because a Development Application (DA) hadn’t been filed.

It was revealed in the BDT last week that the back of Nachiappan’s Surgery in Crystal Lane was receiving a makeover with the artist’s designs.

“Local caricature artist John Hinton is doing a mural of some of my practice health practitioners and is here daily working on it,” Dr Nachiappan said last week.

“He gets lots of regular interruptions which he and the drivers passing in the lane seem to be enjoying.”

Dr Nachiappan said he gave Mr Hinton free reign to design something colourful and amusing.

“John is well known around Broken Hill for his murals,” Dr Nachiappan said.

“He likes doing caricatures and offered to do my practice staff.”

At last night’s Council meeting, General Manager James Roncon said they were originally unaware of the mural.

“We saw, reading the BDT, that there was a mural being painted,” he said.

“When painting a mural like that there needs to be a DA in place.

“One of the things we are looking to do is to see if that is in place and if it’s not we will talk to the painter to help him along with that process.”

Mr Roncon said they are doing an investigation into the process, but even though the building isn’t owned by Council - a DA is still needed.

“You can’t just put any old painting up there, any old item or any old phrase.

“You have got to be careful what you do.”

Mr Roncon said there was a DA required for the mural on the Sufi Bookshop in Argent Street.

“It is really about content and it really controls that.

“We need to make sure it is appropriate for the surrounds and particularly if it is in a heritage area - it is important it fits in with Council’s  

heritage requirements.”

It is believed that Mr Hinton was threatened with a $3,000 fine if he didn’t stop work and cover up what he had already done.

Mr Roncon said he hadn’t heard if that was the case or where that would have come from.

“I’m not sure who would have given him that information.

“If there wasn’t a DA, and one might be required, that is action that Council might have to take.

“But I can tell you that would be really reticent to do that - what we would much rather do is encourage development in the city.

“We want to encourage good murals that cover up blank walls.

“It’s just perhaps that (the artist) was not aware and we will work with him to remedy it.”

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