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Golden arches celebrate 20 years

Wednesday, 7th March, 2018

Restaurant manager Jenna Harvy and store owner Mark Craven celebrate twenty years of McDonalds Broken Hill. Restaurant manager Jenna Harvy and store owner Mark Craven celebrate twenty years of McDonalds Broken Hill.

By Emily Ferguson

Twenty years ago today, on March 7, 1998, McDonalds was officially opened in Broken Hill.

The first McDonalds Broken Hill store owners were Gary Barraclough and his wife Rosemary.

The opening address was given by Parliamentary Secretary Sandra Nori, who also had the honour of cutting the ribbon which officially brought the “Big Mac to the Outback.”

Mr Barraclough owned the store for 13 years. After going to school in Broken Hill, he had been away from Broken Hill for 18 years before he returned.

The one highlight for Gary was “to come back to Broken Hill, a place that I love” to where he had family and friends, to open McDonalds. 

Today, McDonalds Broken Hill is successfully run by Mark and Mary Anne Craven. They purchased the store from Mr Barraclough in February, 2011, and have owned it ever since.

“A highlight for me was just moving to a great town to start a business,” said Mr Craven.

In 1998, when the Broken Hill McDonalds store was opened, current store owner Mark Craven was a second-year store manager at the McDonalds in Blacktown.

Mr Craven said one of the greatest highlights over his time was bringing the Ronald McDonald Ride for Sick Kids to Broken Hill last year. Broken Hill raised $70,000 for Ronald McDonald House.

Being able to train and develop young people of Broken Hill through employment at McDonalds is something Mr Craven holds in high regard. 

Jenna Harvey, was 17 when she and Mark Craven first met. She was working as a 

McCafe barista. After 13 years of employment at McDonalds Broken Hill, she is now running the organisation as the store manager.

McDonalds Broken Hill has 140 employees, and the store is always on the hunt for new people to join their team. 

Gary Barraclough said he was delighted by the store’s milestone.

“McDonalds Broken Hill is still a very strong business, and a place that provides employment to many young kids - I’m very proud of that,” he said.

“I hope it lasts for at least another twenty years - Broken Hill has a very strong future,” he said.

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