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Stories of the Lanes

Wednesday, 7th March, 2018

Participants in Saturday’s Little Literature workshop at the Grand Guesthouse Participants in Saturday’s Little Literature workshop at the Grand Guesthouse

The Little Literature in the Lane workshops at the Grand Guesthouse on Saturday saw around a dozen people participate.

The project aimed to collect people’s stories of their experiences in any of Broken Hill’s lanes.

Susan Thomas from Broken Hill Art Exchange was excited by the day’s events. 

“We have stories of misadventure (as expected), stories of fortune, stories of children long ago living in dire circumstances and stories of wonder. But this is just the start,” Ms Thomas said. 

“A number of people have said they will be contributing stories to the collection over the next days.”

The exhibition is installed at the Courtyard Kitchen Gallery of the Grand Guesthouse, with entrance off Crystal Lane.

It is open for viewing by appointment, phone 0498 531 485.

Visitors can read the stories but also be motivated by what they have seen. 

“People will often think that their stories are not very interesting or important,” said Graeme Gibson, who worked on the project.

“But they are all worth knowing and respecting. These stories will all add to the overall story of Broken Hill.”

With that in mind visitors to the exhibition have the opportunity to add their own stories to the installation.

Stories of the Lane will be available to the 2018 Heritage Festival which has a theme of ‘If only these walls could talk’.

The exhibition is also seen as a prelude to the establishment of a permanent Literature Lane in Broken Hill.

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