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Police arrive on time

Tuesday, 20th March, 2018

By Kara de Groot

Broken Hill’s police response times hold up well compared to the rest of the state.

Recorded response times for 2016-17 for urgent calls was 12 minutes, with a target response time of 20 minutes.

While urgent calls can come from several sources, including 000, calls to police stations, or radio calls from police in the field, they all deal with an immediate threat to life or property. All other calls are classed as non-urgent.

The average response time for the rest of NSW is nine minutes, just three minutes faster than Broken Hill’s times.

Detective Inspector Michael Fuller said police always aim to arrive as soon as possible.

“The Barrier Police District responds to a wide variety of jobs across an area that takes in major towns (Broken Hill, Dareton), as well as smaller and more remote locations across an area that is around 280,000 square kilometres,” Det. Insp. Fuller said.

“Police response to jobs is prioritised based upon the seriousness of the incident, which is when you see police cars under lights and sirens to a location,” he said.

“For other jobs you see police vehicles driven to the location not under lights and sirens.”

In terms of other jobs, Barrier police have an average response time of an hour and a half, compared to a state average of 82 minutes.

This means police response to a non-urgent call in Broken Hill is on average nine minutes slower than the rest of the state.

Det. Insp. Fuller said part of the reason for this was the distances involved compared to metropolitan or suburban police districts.

“In the case of Broken Hill Police attending a job that is out on the highway, such as towards Wilcannia, Tibooburra, Menindee or on the Silver City Highway south, the time taken to response will be impacted by the distance travelled to call off at the location,” he said. 

“When a job is called in the clock starts, and stops when police ‘call off’ at a location. Jobs prioritised based upon the information provided can have a variance in time.”

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