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Sharing the dignity

Thursday, 29th March, 2018

Leni Murray (13) and Mollie DeFranceschi (12) with one of the collection boxes for the Share the Dignity campaign. Leni Murray (13) and Mollie DeFranceschi (12) with one of the collection boxes for the Share the Dignity campaign.

By Kara de Groot

It’s time to share the dignity with those in need.

Once again, Broken Hill will take part in the #SharetheDignity campaign, which sees sanitary items such as pads and tampons donate to women in need.

This year the campaign is being run by school girls Leni Murray and Mollie DeFranceschi, who both said the idea to help came to them after they thought about women and girls in difficult financial situations, and how they might access sanitary items.

“I started thinking about what homeless women and girls who have their periods would do, what happens to them, and I asked mum and she said nothing really happens, pads and tampons aren’t free,” Leni said.

“I was weirded out and wondered way, it’s a natural thing that happens so why aren’t they free,” she said.

Mollie said her thought process was the same, asking her mother what happens to girls who can’t afford sanitary items, and realising she didn’t know.

She said it’s a small item to donate, but it can make a big difference.

The campaign starts on April 1, and runs for the whole month, with several donation boxes to be placed around town.

“We’ll have boxes set up at the Good Price Pharmacy, the post office, the Australian Hearing Centre, the Barrier Daily Truth, and we’re making other boxes to put around town if other businesses want to help out,” Leni said.

“You just buy the items and put them into the box, and then we donate them to groups like Katherine Haven, and other places that help out women who can’t get them,” she said.

“Hopefully we’ll raise some awareness too, people can come down, donated, think about the problem.”

Both girls said their parents were proud of them for coming up and sticking with the idea.

“When it started mum asked if I wanted to do it by myself and I said yes, so we can show other girls our ages that we can make something to help people,” Leni said.

“My parents are proud,” Mollie added.

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