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Wild horse record

Tuesday, 10th April, 2018

One of 65 horses trained in Western Australia, saved from being shot or sent to slaughter. PICTURE: Supplied One of 65 horses trained in Western Australia, saved from being shot or sent to slaughter. PICTURE: Supplied

By Emily Roberts

A family saving wild horses from slaughter has broken a world record in training Western Australian brumbies.

Former Broken Hill man Jarrod Hughes of 4BP Horses, at Belarabon Station near Cobar, was in the city yesterday with his family after completing a huge three-month round trip of Australia.

“We’ve driven 9000 kilometres since we were last in Broken Hill over three months ago,” said Mr Hughes.

“We went through the Nullarbor and about 86km into WA to the Mundrabilla Station.”

Jarrod, his family and selected trainers were on a mission to to try and break in 70 horses to help remove them from Mundrabilla.

“The family that attended was myself and my wife Mel and children Henry and Grace Hughes as well as 4BP head trainer, Meg Rowe,” he said.

“We’ve set a world record by training 51 horses in five days.

“We managed to train 65 over the whole seven days.”

Jarrod said he was happy with the success of the trip.

“We contacted the property owner because we wanted six horses to ride through WA,” he said.

“The owner told us that the wild brumbies were pushing cattle off the water and preventing them from drinking.

“He said ‘it’s a pity you can’t train them all’. I told him I would.

“Normally what happens in those situations is that the horse is shot or trucked off for slaughter.

“We went into train 100 per cent of the horses and utilise a natural resource.”

Jarrod had a team of nine people with him from the Equine Therapy clinics that he runs.

After they finished training, they rode the horses 5000km on and off the coast from Geraldton back to Gingin.

The horses were then auctioned off to raise money for Breast Cancer Australia and the RFDS.

“We raised $14,000 through the sale of the brumbies.

“I bought back one for myself called a Pangare which is an ancient breed.

“We also bought back a large grey horse for our military/PTSD course.”

Jarrod has no plans to slow down with another trip coming up soon.

“The next tour we will do will be 7000km from Brisbane to Melbourne.

“We will then go back up through Wagga Wagga to prepare for the intake of horses from Mount Kosciuszko in July.

“Our equine therapy program involves 75 per cent of the intake from Kosciuszko National Park wild horse management program.”

Jarrod and his family drove back to their property yesterday and will have six days to prepare before heading back out on the road.

They are also planning to go to the United States in January/February next year to spend six months training people.

“We are seeking 130 trainers to help us in the US, if we could get people to come forward to train with us.

“We are looking at training 46,000 of their captured Mustangs in much the same way we do.

“Then in 2020, we will aim to travel from the top of Alaska down to the bottom of Canada to do the same thing.”

The initiative came from Jarrod and his family wanting to save brumbies that came from Kosciuszko National Park, after it was announced a number of years ago they would be culled.

“Each July we have to be back here for the Mount Kosciuszko horses.

“The only training equipment we use is a halter and a rope. We train the horses to steer, reverse and for the riders to slide off their bum.

“We can get it down in three hours. We set the standard and the world record.”

Anyone interested in joining Jarrod and his family should check out their Facebook page - “4BP Horses”.

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