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PCYC hit

Wednesday, 11th April, 2018

A smashed window at the centre. PICTURE: Emily Roberts A smashed window at the centre. PICTURE: Emily Roberts

By Emily Roberts

The staff at the PCYC have been left heartbroken and devastated after they were targetted in a break-in overnight on Monday.

When PCYC Manager Heather Smith arrived at work yesterday morning she noticed the front office door was open.

“I walked in the front door and noticed the office door was open, which it never is ... we always lock it,” she said.

“The safe was open and our computers and mobile phones were missing. They had stolen keys as well.

“Whoever it was found the keys and figured out which one got them into the safe.”

Heather said she left just before 7.20pm on Monday night and was back in by 8.20am on Tuesday.

“We called the cops who came out first thing with forensics.

“We will just have to wait and see what they find.”

Heather said it has devastated her and the other staff members.

“The hardest thing is that we are a club for the community, we were just starting to get new programs and other things going.

“To have someone do this is heartbreaking, it’s hit us hard.

“We’re not a big club and whatever money we have, we put back into the club.

“Now these are just extra expenses we have to worry about.”

Yesterday, new locks, a new window and other precautions had to be installed.

Heather said head office would examine whether insurance would cover some of the costs.

As well as the damage and stolen property, several PCYC classes had to be cancelled.

“We were supposed to have the Seniors Fitness class and the LiveBetter Fitness class, but we had to cancel them.

“It’s very unfortunate to have to turn people away and it’s not fair to them.

“However, KidzCare is still running.”

This was the first time that Heather had seen a break-in since she was manager.

“There was a break-in about 12 months ago, they did a lot more damage.

“But there is still a lot of things we have to change.

“It really throws you off. It’s not how I expected to start the day.

“We had been making an effort to change the PCYC in the last four months.

“We had introduced new programs, updated the centre, we had changed rooms around, brought in new gym equipment, created a youth room and were getting through some internal work.

“Everything was moving along nicely.

“Something like this; it sets you back.”

If anyone needs to get in touch with the centre, they can contact 0491 051 272 as all the mobile phones were still missing.

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