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Bureau releases Silver City crime hotspots

Friday, 20th April, 2018

Break and enter (dwelling) offences in Broken Hill rose by almost 40 percent last year. PICTURE: BOCSAR Break and enter (dwelling) offences in Broken Hill rose by almost 40 percent last year. PICTURE: BOCSAR

By Myles Burt

The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics & Research has released heats maps of thefts and break-ins in Broken Hill. 

The maps highlight levels of crime such as breaking and entering, stealing motor vehicles and stealing from vehicles.

In the last 12 months, breaking and entering (dwelling) offences have risen by 39.1 per cent, according to the statistics.

“You have to realise an active property offender can target a number of premises and this results in an increase in reported crime,” Acting Inspector Patrick Schaefer said.

“An increase like that can usually be attributed to one or maybe two offenders.”

Last year, Broken Hill recorded an increase of 59 offences for breaking and entering (dwelling). The Silver City recorded a small seven-offence rise for break and enter (non-dwelling), and a two-offence decrease in stealing from a motor vehicle.

Act Insp Schaefer said police had arrested and charged offenders who they believed had contributed to the increase.

“But as soon as we arrest and identify that offender the figures tend to go down again,” he said.

“They tend to come out, they go on a spree, and they leave enough evidence which develops a pattern that they can be identified in court.”

Act Insp Schaefer said that repeat offenders were usually always the ones that bring up a percentage increase in local crime.

“But it’s something that is constantly targeted by police, through investigation as well as working with the community through reports of suspicious activity and crime in progress,” he said.

The heat maps display hot spots near caravan parks and motels in Broken Hill.

Act Insp Schaefer said this was mostly visitors and locals leaving their car unlocked with valuables in sight.

“This happens with disappointing regularity among residents of Broken Hill, if they’re home or at places of work, and not just visitors here on holiday,” said Act Insp Schaefer.

“It doesn’t take a thief long to get property out of an unlocked vehicle.

“Securing valuables out of sight and locking the vehicle are the key steps we ask people to take.”

Act Insp Schaefer said if a thief doesn’t see anything within a car and it’s locked, they will lack the motivation to break into the vehicle.

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