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Monday, 23rd April, 2018

Perilya’s award-winning Mines Rescue team completing challenges during the 2018 SA Mines Rescue Competition Perilya’s award-winning Mines Rescue team completing challenges during the 2018 SA Mines Rescue Competition

Perilya’s mine workers are in safe hands thanks to a recent win by their Emergency Response Team.

Perilya’s Mines Rescue crew recently took out the trophy for the Confined Space challenge, Vertical Rescue, Industrial Rescue and Road Crash at the 2018 SA Mines Rescue Competition.

They also received an award for Best Team Captain.

“Our mines rescue or ERT (Emergency Response Team) are made up of volunteers that come from all areas of the work force,” team manager Kacee Milnes said.

“There are two different crews made up from men and women from both shift panels.

“The team have one training day a month and learn all different skills that may be required in an emergency rescue situation at the mine. 

“They are the first port of call in an emergency and are either called via radio or phone whilst on shift to assist or can even be called in from home to  

assist if needed.”

Over the weekend the team travelled to the Adelaide Hills in SA to compete.

“We travelled to the Brukunga CFS training facility on the weekend to compete in the 2018 SA Mines Rescue Competition,” Kacee said.

“We competed against five other teams (CBH Broken Hill, BHP Olympic Dam, Prominent Hill and Simec).

“The team had only two and a half days of training prior to the competition due to some production requirements and as our new Emergency Services.

Coordinator Mark Jameson has only just started with the company the week prior. 

“The team was made up of seven members who all specialise in different skills and have varying levels of experience.

“The team members are as follows: John Bishop (Captain), Alex Johnson (Vice Captain), Mark Jameson (ES coordinator and trainer), Mark Johnson (Medic), Casey Marsden, Jacob Cumming and Adrian Locke.

“They were required to complete eight different challenges, all adjudicated by people who live and breathe this sort of work. 

“The challenges were: Mass Casualty, Fire, Confined space and vertical rescue, Industrial Rescue, theory, Search and Rescue, team skills and Road crash.

“Our team came home with trophies for confined space and vertical rescue, industrial rescue, road crash and the award for best team captain.”

Kacee said she was proud of the hard work of the team and that they would be the best to handle any situation that might arise.

“The hardest part about this training is that you train for situations you basically never want to be called out for because we obviously don’t want our work mates ever being caught in these sort of situations.

“But after having watched these guys in action in every event over the weekend I can confidently say they know exactly what they’re doing and their work mates can feel assured knowing that if push did come to shove these guys are trained and prepared for anything. 

“We will now continue training as normal and hope to get some nationally accredited training under our belts with our new coordinator mark in the lead. 

“We also hope to head to as many competitions as we are able to as they’re not only a chance to showcase and use the skills we have but they’re also an amazing opportunity to learn from other teams and people that work in the industry on the daily.”

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