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Three decades on job

Wednesday, 9th May, 2018

Firefighter Greg Hardy has left Broken Hill for a sea-change in Adelaide. PICTURE: Supplied Firefighter Greg Hardy has left Broken Hill for a sea-change in Adelaide. PICTURE: Supplied

By Emily Ferguson

After 31 years with the NSW Fire Brigades, Greg Hardy has hung up his boots for the last time.

Greg joined the NSW Fire Brigades on July 24, 1987, when he was stationed in Sydney at Ryde and Chester Hill.

In late 2005 Greg ventured to Broken Hill and spent three years in the city with the local fire brigade.

After that Greg spent a short period of time in Orange before returning to Broken Hill in 2009.

Greg worked his last 24-hour shift on Monday, after a farewell at the Old Royal on Saturday night, with many friends and workmates in attendance.

It included presentations from the Fire Brigade Employees Union and Zone Management.

Local firefighters gave Greg a painting by Amanda Johnson. The painting features some of Broken Hill’s icons and Greg standing in front of his station.

The Broken Hill Fire and Rescue NSW Station 238 acknowledged Greg’s 12 years of service to the Broken Hill community and shared that he would be sadly missed. They wished him and his family all the best on his retirement in Adelaide. 

“Broken Hill, it was unique,” Greg laughed. “They have their own way of doing things, it’s different to the rest of the state.”

“But I loved every minute of it and felt very welcome as soon as I stepped in the door - I walked into a big second family and felt welcome from the first day,” said Greg.

The things Greg will miss most about being a firefighter are “the comradery and a group of firefighters who share similar interests to yourself.”

Greg shared that most people who retire have kids who are all grown up and have left the nest, but he still has a young family.

“I have a three-year-old grandchild and children who are ten and eight, so I’m looking forward to getting involved in their activities,” he said.

“It’s a new beachy area here so I also can’t wait to get to know and get involved with the new community.

“It a funny feeling when you retire after 31 years; I’m used to saying I’m a firefighter, now I have to get used to saying I’m retired,” Greg laughed.

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