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Wednesday, 9th May, 2018

Peter Detchon has a chat with Inspector Yvette Smith at the Silver City Cafe. Peter Detchon has a chat with Inspector Yvette Smith at the Silver City Cafe.

By Myles Burt

Broken Hill Police held their first Coffee with a Cop event yesterday morning, to help build up community relationships between locals and officers.

Inspector Yvette Smith said the event went really well for their first effort and was really happy with the turn-up.

Insp. Smith said they had a good mix of tourists and locals who were happy to grab a hot cuppa and talk to officers.

“With the tourists it was really good to hear their feedback about our town,” said Insp. Smith.

“They were really positive about it which was really good.”

Police officers of all areas were in attendance to come and chat with locals and offer information on their roles and listen to others over a coffee.

“I had detectives down there, I had the youth officer, general duties police, the Commander and myself,” said Insp. Smith.

Insp. Smith said locals took the opportunity to voice their concerns on issues such as hoons, firearm storage, safety and surrendering along with steps on tackling cyber bullying.

“Our Youth Officer, Ben Kelly, was there and was able to offer some advice on that,” she said.

Insp. Smith said after speaking with locals about their concerns, she strongly encouraged those with queries or concerns to come and speak to police no matter the size of the issue.

“They just felt these issues were minor and they didn’t really need to come into the police station to discuss it with us,” she said.

“So it was a good opportunity for us to have that chat to them.

“But to also let them know that it’s never too minor, they can always come into the station and have a chat to us about anything to do with police stuff.

“They don’t have to wait till once a year when we have these days, it’s never too small.

“We’d much rather they came in and had a chat to us, than let it bug them or get the wrong information from somewhere else.”

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