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Follow the way of Mick

Monday, 14th May, 2018

Mick Miller and his blue Beetle which has travelled around Australia in, the public speaker has also published a book. Mick Miller and his blue Beetle which has travelled around Australia in, the public speaker has also published a book.

By Emily Roberts

Five years ago Mick Miller had a close call with throat and neck cancer. Now he is travelling around in a blue Beetle to provide support for fellow survivors.

In 2013, Mick found out he had throat cancer, before that he had been training elite athletes at an Olympic level as a performance coach.

“To go through that procedure when you are really fit, eat well and don’t smoke or drink was daunting,” he said.

“I went into the hospital at 75kg and had to be carried out at 49kg. I only had enough energy to drive a car for an hour.”

Now Mick provides support to cancer survivors by travelling Australia to meet with medical professionals and the survivors themselves.

He packed everything into his 1968 sky-blue Volkswagen Beetle called ‘The Rocket’ and set off on a journey of discovery and recovery around Australia.

“My life became a really simple one, different to the time constraints of an Olympic campaign.

“I’ve also developed a series of presentations to give to hospitals, medical staff and patients on different perspectives.”

Mick also wrote about his experience in ‘Travelling Around Australia Mick’s Way’ which follows his journey and captures his daily adventures in the backdrop of the awe-inspiring Australian landscape. He self-published the book and it recently was picked up by a publishing company.

A portion from the sale of each book will be donated to help support cancer patients and their families’ post treatment via The Tomorrow Trust - helping bring some normality back into peoples lives who are living with, through and beyond cancer. 

Mick will meet up with local hospital staff today for a chat about surviving cancer and speaking with patients.

Then he will have an evening at the Musicians Club on Wednesday (May 16) from 6pm - 8pm.

Everyone is welcome to attend. He will be speaking as well as signing copies of his book.

“My car has been around the whole country but it hasn’t been to the centre,” he said.

“I wanted to experience life out here - all up I will be in Broken Hill for about two-and-a-half weeks.

“It’s been great so far.”

Mick has also started a travel blog and is taking videos of all of his adventures.

“I came to Broken Hill to film, I’ll go back to Sydney to cut it all and see if anyone is interested in it.

“I’ve been filming from sunrise to sunset and in between. It’s been really good.”

For more information or to see what Mick is all about visit http://mickmiller.com.au/

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