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Cat suffers in house fire

Wednesday, 16th May, 2018

Enny the cat before last week’s fire. Enny the cat before last week’s fire.

By Myles Burt

Residents have banded together to raise some money for a cat burnt in a house fire last week.

The Clifton family cat suffered facial burns from the Duff Street house fire last Thursday night.

Family friend Nardia Stubbing set up a Go Fund Me page to help ease  the pressure of paying veterinary bills for the Cliftons who are rebuilding after the disaster.

“This is just one thing we didn’t want them to worry about,” said Ms Stubbing.

“They’ve got enough on their plate right now.”

The fundraiser has so far raised $595 out of the goal of $1500.

Lindy Clifton said the fundraiser and the community response to the family has been incredible.

“We’re just overwhelmed,” said Ms Clifton. “What people have done for us is so amazing.”

So far the cat, called Enny, is in a stable condition but is blind due to ulcers on her eyeballs from the blaze, according to Ms Clifton.

“The vet said her vision’s not responding but over time her eyesight could come back,” she said.

“In two weeks we’ll know if she’ll get her sight back.”

The cat is still on a drip to help recover from the burns she received across her face, eyes and ears.

“She was the last out of the house, she didn’t get out till the next morning,” said Ms Clifton.

“She’s normally off white, but her fur was absolutely black.”

“At least she wasn’t burnt all over, it could’ve been so much worse.”

To donate, go to: https://www.gofundme.com/4eeczs0

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