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Owner’s plea after pet lost to killer dogs

Saturday, 1st September, 2018

Popo the dachshund who was mauled to death by two stray dogs on Wednesday. Popo the dachshund who was mauled to death by two stray dogs on Wednesday.

By Myles Burt

A local resident is distraught after her dog was killed by strays during the week.

Tracey Gaiter’s dachshund was mauled to death on Wednesday by two large dogs that jumped over her back fence.

The incident occurred about 1.30am in Beryl Street, near the soccer grounds, and  residents were woken by what they thought was a burglary. 

Ms Gaiter said her son-in-law walked out to find two white dogs playing a tug-of-war with dog, Popo. 

They escaped over the fence and the family set off in search of them through the night with police.

“We’re looking till 4.30am,” said Ms Gaiter who found her other dog, Jupiter, unharmed.

“The other little dachshund, he was scared underneath the car,” she said.

The dachshunds were ex-show dogs which Ms Gaiter bought two years ago from a local breeder. 

“Popo must’ve been protecting his little house and got killed,” Ms Gaiter said.

“I’m just devastated, they were my babies.”

The two white dogs have been seen around the city for weeks, she said.

“These dogs have been sighted out the North. One of these photos is pretty much outside my house where they were sighted on August 21.

“Once in June, they were sighted out in Brown Street where they molested some horse. They’ve been roaming the street for weeks.”

Ms Gaiter was happy with the help of police and the council ranger but wants more action taken to capture the savage dogs before they cause more harm. 

“They’re going to end up killing a little kid or something.

“If they can jump over my fences to get to my little dogs, what else are they going to do? They’re just killers.”

While searching for the wild dogs in the early hours, Ms Gaiter said she couldn’t believe how many other strays they found, and one was particularly threatening.

“This big dog down near the dog track. He should be in a locked kennel.”

“Why aren’t they in their homes? I seriously want something done.”

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