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Monday, 3rd September, 2018

The initial designs for the Patton Park upgrade, some changes have been made by Omnitech who were awarded the tender during the week. The initial designs for the Patton Park upgrade, some changes have been made by Omnitech who were awarded the tender during the week.

By Emily Roberts

Two companies have been awarded the tender for the Patton Park upgrade, which a local businessman has called a stepping stone to growing South Broken Hill.

At Wednesday night’s Council meeting, it was announced after the confidential matters that Omnitech were awarded the park design tender at $287,951. 

Omnitech designed the playground with the “rocket” that was popular with locals.

In response to public feedback, the nose of the rocket has been enclosed and UV-resistant panels will be added to the western side of the rocket to provide more sun protection for kids. Clear panels have also been added to the tube slide for greater visibility.

The second tender was awarded to Exeloo for $240,000 to design the amenities block.

President of the Patton Village committee, Larry Angell said they were very supportive of the changes.

“Council had extensive consultation regarding the designs and it’s that reason we fully support the project,” Mr Angell said. 

“Community involvement in all projects is the best way to get a postive community response, we can’t wait until construction starts.

“The upgrade of the park has us looking for alternative venues for the annual Patton Village community Christmas party as the park most likely will not be complete. “I have had a lot of enquiries as to when the park upgrade will be started and now Council has adopted the plan it should be full steam ahead.

“Council has been keeping patton village informed every step of the way and I have no doubt they will inform us as to when the project will start.

“We will be looking forward to working with Council to provide a big opening event most likely in the new year.”

Treasurer of the Patton Village committee and owner of Bell’s Milk Bar, Jason King, said it was a welcome announcement.

“It is great to see it has passed this stage,” he said. “To see the park transformed will be pretty great.

“Council, I’m sure, appreciates that South Broken Hill have been very patient and are excited to see what happens. Hopefully it can happen as quickly as practical.”

Mr King said the concept design was a great way to differentiate Patton Park from other areas.

“It will go a long way to restoring the interest in the precinct. It is a unique design without taking away from what other people are doing.

“It will be great to bring bodies back to Patton Park and the precinct.

“People remember the old rocket ships from when they were younger.”

He also said that this was a stepping stone to the development of the precinct.

“It’s a stage along the way. I’m sure there are more plans to develop the precinct. It can be something that Broken Hill can be proud of.”

Mr King said the Patton Village experience wiill be a drawcard for the city.

“This development will add to that. It’s great to see community support with different initiatives, especially with the ‘Game On’ centre that Larry and Sophie Angell are running.

“It is really successful and it is great to have that space.

“Combining this with the park will make for some exciting times.

“It’s good to see developments come out the South.

“Now someone needs to lease the Coles building to fill out the precinct.”

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