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Hands-on experience

Thursday, 6th September, 2018

Students and builders lift up the last sheets for the roof of the bus stop. Students and builders lift up the last sheets for the roof of the bus stop.

By Myles Burt

High school students lent a hand to build a bus shelter on the corner of Duff and Comstock streets yesterday. 

The three VET construction students from Willyama and Broken Hill high schools were offered the opportunity by Hutchinson Builders to gain some work experience. 

The previous bus stop consisted of only a bench.

Builder Jordan Klingberg said that after building the new Health Centre on Crystal Street, the company wanted to become more involved in the community.

“So our bosses decided it would be a good idea to bring some school students into it,” Mr Klingberg said.

“We’re pretty big on the high school construction thing.”

He said in Queensland they get a lot of students who are interested in gaining some construction based work experience. 

“It might be beneficial for these guys to do a bit of this stuff if they want to get into the industry.”

Willyama teacher Jim Harvey said the work assembling the shelter from a flat pack had been a good experience for the kids.

“The students put it together in probably four or five hours. It’s a way for them to get involved in a real life project with builders to supervise and offer some assistance.”

Mr Klingberg said the students were very helpful to the builders.

“They’re pretty good and they know how to use the tools,” he said. “They’re getting in and having a go. It’s good to see.”

Hutchinson Builders now plan to show them around the insides of the YMCA Community and Leisure Centre now under construction.

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