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Barrier Truth branching out

A selection of Barrier Truth staff have created a new in-house venture which is being called “Barrier Truth Design”. 

100 years celebration

Broken Hill High School celebrated 100 years with a centenary plaque unveiled yesterday.

The early days of the Broken Hill Gaol

A mining town in its infancy is always a tantalising and seductive idea. The promise of riches that lay just below the surface, the feeling that all one must do is bend down and pick it up, and suddenly be set for life, would always draw people by the thousands to these small towns.

Mitch’s grand final agony

On Grand Final day there only two outcomes - for one team it is the euphoria of premiership triumph - for the other it is a myriad of questions, many “what if’s” and what went wrong.

Up in smoke

A fire completed gutted an allegedly abandoned Sulphide Street house on Saturday afternoon and impacted a neighbouring house before being brought under control, preventing further damage.

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