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Flood funds bid

Wednesday, 14th March, 2012

 City Council has applied for almost $220,000 in government funding to fix damage caused by the recent floods.

Council became eligible for support after Broken Hill was declared one of seven Local Government Natural Disaster zones last week.

Paul DeLisio, Council’s Manager of Infrastructure, said that he was confident the $216,500 that council applied for would be granted.

“It’s Council’s intention that for the repair work we are undertaking, we would apply for funding assistance to do that,” Mr DeLisio said.

City to host Ministers

Wednesday, 8th February, 2012

Kevin Humphries Kevin Humphries

Three State Government Ministers will be here at the end of this month when the city hosts the Annual Conference of the Western Division Council of NSW.

Councillors, Mayors and General Managers will be discussing the future of outback NSW and the ministers will be here to address delegates from the 13 member councils.

The conference will be held from February 26 to 28.

Council tightens belt

Saturday, 17th December, 2011

By Erica Visser
Some City Council projects may be put off to save three per cent of total expenditure.
With finances restricted, Council formed a cost-cutting committee at its monthly meeting on Wednesday night and in another measure to save money, has decided to not fill two vacant management positions.
The committee has eight members who will cut back and prioritise projects that have been on the agenda.
Mayor Wincen Cuy said that while there was no danger to current projects, those planned for the near future might be set back.
Mayor Cuy said that the committee would make recommendations to Council after looking into how to cut costs.
“The aim is to review all projects already started and complete looking at ones that haven’t been started,” he said.
He said projects will be judged on the basis of urgency.
“It’s looking at do they really need to be started this year or can they wait until next financial year?.
“My personal opinion is that anything that wasn’t budgeted for in this year should be looked at next financial year.”
Committee member Councillor Neville Gasmier, who put the idea to Council, said that having committees in place was always beneficial.
“It will look at a range of options, I would hope, a range of cost-saving measures and look at our finances in general,” he said.
Clr Gasmier said that he wanted the best for Broken Hill and that meant being realistic about finances.
“Our intention is not to go in and say ‘no, no, no’. But we’ve got to get the best result so we’ll need to look at all the options.”
He said he hoped that recommendations would be put to Council before the end of the financial year.
“Already we’ve asked for a full pricing structure on the entrance to the pool,” Clr Gasmier said.
“I hope we will make some recommendations but it’s really hard to anticipate.”

$2 entry ‘costs Council’

Tuesday, 13th December, 2011

A decision to cap entry fees to the city’s new aquatic centre at $2 could see City Council suffer an $84,000 budget blowout.

Council resolved to leave the pool’s entry fee at $2 during its ordinary monthly meeting in June, despite budgeting for an increased fee when planning the new centre.

It was originally planned to that entry would be $4 per person for casual pool users, while a range of concessions would be available for families and regular users that would see the cost of entry rise to around $3 on average.

Operator may cut services

Tuesday, 6th December, 2011

Buses R Us points finger at Council

Broken Hill’s only interstate bus operator might have to reduce its services after its bid to take over the running of the Tourist and Travellers Centre was rejected by City Council.

Buses R Us, which operates services to Adelaide and Mildura, said leasing the centre from Council would have provided the company with another important revenue stream and helped secure its viability.

Managing director Geoff Grantham said Council’s decision to reject its proposal, and instead lease out shop space to a number of parties, was disappointing.

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