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Fuel thefts ‘coincidence’

Monday, 13th May, 2013

Two incidents where petrol was stolen from the Woolworths Petrol Station within half an hour on Friday appear to be unrelated.
According to police, a driver drove off without paying after pumping $45 worth of fuel.
Shortly after, another driver allegedly stole $78 worth from the same station.
The cars were not caught out by CCTV cameras because of the angle they were parked, police said.
A spokesman said that the description of the cars is “extremely vague” and police are not hopeful for witnesses as it was “very busy and people usually mind their own business.”
The spokesman said that while it was unusual for two thefts in such a short space of time, the incidents appeared to be unrelated.
“We don’t usually have a lot of petrol theft here, it is usually more of the accidental type where people forget to pay.
“It’s something that happens more in the capital cities.”
Anyone who takes fuel without paying faces a $250 infringement notice on the spot.
The person could also be charged with stealing.

Bush taken for a ride

Tuesday, 26th June, 2012

Bush taken for a ride Bush taken for a ride

By Kurtis Eichler

Broken Hill motorists are still paying close to $1.50 at the bowser despite petrol prices plunging to under $1.30 elsewhere.

Unleaded fuel in the city is costing drivers on average, $1.51 the NRMA says, while yesterday those in Adelaide paid $1.25.

A drop in the price of crude oil from $118 a barrel to $96 has resulted in wholesale prices falling by more than 17 cents.

Pain at the pump

Tuesday, 10th January, 2012

Climbing fuel prices could mean tourism and transport companies are pushed to introduce fuel levies to customers.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Competition’s (ACCC) latest findings show that petrol continues to be one of the most significant outlays from the household budget, and is not about to ease any time soon.

ACCC monitoring shows that over 2010-11 prices were around eight cents per litre higher than in 2009-10.

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