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Photo Gallery

Have you seen a photograph in the BDT by our photographer that you liked? Why not order a print? Here is just a short range of beautiful photographs available from the BDT.

Photo pricing

Please refer to the following list for photo prices. All photographs are printed in full colour on quality photo paper. Prices do not include postage.

  • 10x15 cm (standard photo size) $9
  • 12x18 cm (A5) $12
  • 16x24 cm (A4) $20
  • A4 page (4 photos) $20*
  • 30x42 cm (A3) $60
  • A2 sized photos may be available upon request

*4 photos of your choice printed on one A4 Sized page. Photos are supplied cut, but are available uncut. Please advise our office staff upon ordering if uncut photos are required.

All orders must be pre-paid

Sizes explained

If you're confused about the photo sizes listed here this short guide will clear up any misunderstandings you may have.

10x15 cm: This is a standard sized photograph, the same size as you would get if you were to have a roll of film processed. You may have also heard it referred to as a 4x6 sized photo (in inches).

paper sizes diagramA4: Most people will be familiar with A4 sized paper. This is the same size as a sheet of ordinary printer paper.

A3: A3 is the next size up from A4 in the ISO paper standard . If you were to take two sheets of A4 paper and place them side by side you would have an A3 sheet of paper.

A5: A5 is one size down from A4. If you were to take a sheet of A4 and place it lengthwise, then divide it evenly down the middle you would have two sheets of A5 paper.

For an example, refer to the diagram. If you would like further examples, you can view sample photographs in our office.

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